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A Presentation by Deborah Reed & Lisa Shapiro

 “It Began With A Death.”

Deborah K Reed and Lisa K Shapiro created this video to describe how they met, their writing process, and research for The Chamber and the Cross. Presentation includes beautiful photography by Deborah K Reed.

Lisa was recently recognized for her role in uncovering a lost chapter in U.S. History through educating our community on the valuable role of women in our nation.  Read about it in the San Diego Community College District's Newscenter article Professor telling stories of those telling the stories of World War II.

Read about her recent recognition in the San Diego Union Tribune article Remembering Women Who Served in WWII.

More details on her war literature below.

Other Books by Lisa K. Shapiro

The Tiger and the Wind

The Tiger and the Wind is an illustrated adventure book written for children.



Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon!



Visit the website for more information

Visit the website for more information

A writing by Deborah Reed & Lisa Shapiro

The Five Stages of Co-Writing

Articles by Lisa K. Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro is an instructor at Mesa College and a war literature researcher.  Her fascinating work includes a recent study of the Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, letters written by students at San Diego State College during World War II.



An excerpt from Lisa’s current work, No Forgotten Fronts: From Classroom to Combat (formerly titled Aztecs in Amber), appears in a blog post by the Special Collections and University Archives at San Diego State University. Lisa is researching and writing about an archive of original letters written by students from San Diego State during World War II. To view the blog, and see photos of the letters, follow this link:

View an article about Lisa's research.

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Poetry by Lisa Shapiro