The Chamber and the Cross

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Leo Dufresne WebsiteLeo Dufresne - Leo is a friend and fellow author.  He has recently released his first novel titled Touched Up.  Visit his website and learn more about him and his book.

Graeme Ing - Writer of speculative fiction.  You'll have fun exploring the worlds he creates.  Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk . . . there's something here for everyone.

The Tiger And The WindThe Tiger And The Wind - Story by Lisa K. Shapiro.  Visit the website for fun facts, printable coloring pages, and more.

Journey with Ben, a courageous Bengal tiger, as he chases the wind. Ben outsmarts a jungle serpent, escapes the strong grip of an icy river, and battles a fierce vulture who wants to steal a tuft of Ben’s warm fur. With each victory, the determined tiger learns a clue that brings him closer to his goal. Lost and alone in the vast, frigid mountains, Ben meets a great Siberian tiger who guides him to the highest, most treacherous path. Finally, at the top of the world, Ben learns the secret at the heart of all journeys – the spirited wind has been with him all along.

Stunning, original artwork by Amy Lee Adams and Traci Gayle Adams will delight children with beautiful renditions of each animal.

Site Photography by Deborah Reed

Poetry by Lisa Shapiro