Kit & Laura at the Pub

Kit was one of our favorite characters. He entered our imaginations with a fully formed personality and voice. In this scene we wanted to show that special bond that he and Laura had. At one time it was  much longer. Weigh in with your opinions on Facebook!Astonished by the verbal volley, Laura decided to stay out of the fray. She had no idea that selling Bannock Manor and building time share condominiums had become an urban renewal project for the village.

“There’s walking tours,” Kit taunted. “If we get more tourist trade, I’ll put Tenney Village on the backpacker’s map.”

“Our village is doing fine,” Megan huffed.

Mr. Pickney, with one of his surprising insights, said, “It’s disappearing. The farms are smaller and, whether you like it or not, much of the land is owned by people in London. Tenney Village isn’t a cultural center. We’re the destination of holiday makers and tourists, but most of them drive through in a day or two during the summer.” He was warming to his oratory. “More than that, we haven’t many children. Do you think Amy Barnes will grow up and keep Major’s Necessities when Gertie and Ben retire? Who’s going to take over the grocery when Widow Hanover dies? Even our local gentry, the Colfaxes, have dwindled to nothing.”

“Watch yourself,” Kit warned.

Pickney couldn’t stop himself from stating the obvious. “Laura’s the last.”

Laura set her half full glass on the bar and headed to the loo. When she came out again, she stopped midway in the hall. They couldn’t see her, but she could hear them bantering. She couldn’t blame Megan, Pickney and Kit for their opinions. Selling the antiques would bring commission to Megan, and Mr. Pickney obviously believed that converting the manor into time-share apartments would bring him legal business. She resumed her seat at the bar.

“Council meeting is adjourned,” Kit announced.

Megan and Pickney glowered but kept quiet.

For the first time she noticed the background music. Rod Stewart was singing one of the American classics, They Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Kit moved to stand beside her and sang into her ear. “The way you haunt my dreams. No No! They can’t take that away from me! It’s one of my favorite songs.”

“Sorry Kit, but it’s not working for me.”

She stood up to leave but he pulled her closer. “Dance with me. What could be more comforting than dancing with a gay man while Rod Stewart sings the oldies?”

He twirled her to the music and she relaxed against him. Dancing with Kit was better than a hug. By the time the song ended, even Pickney and Megan were smiling. As Rod started singing I’ll Be Seeing You, she was feeling better.

She pulled away. “Thanks. As much as I’d love to spend the afternoon drinking and dancing, I have things to do.”

He let go of her hand. “I’m always here for you – you know that don’t you?”

She chuckled. “Good bye, sweets. You’re the best.”


Site Photography by Deborah Reed

Poetry by Lisa Shapiro